Welcome to our very first episode of Guid.New Fireside Chats Dev-Edition! Our new blog series aims to share our knowledge with the community in a handy way. You will await casual chats about technical topics, starting by covering the use of C# 9.0 in real-life projects.

Our first guest is Marko Lohert. Marko is a well-known C# expert who regularly gives talks on his favorite topic at local conferences. Marko and I met several times at conferences, meetups, and other community events. We share common passion for software development and sharing our experience and expertise with the community. In this friendly fireside chat, we reflect on the experience gained with C# 9.0 over the past couple of months.

So, grab a drink, make yourself comfortable, and join in on our premiere of Guid.New Fireside Chats - Dev-Edition 🙂 In the following 30 minutes, you will gain some insights on how and when to use records and other C# 9.0 features. 30 minutes, I said? Time flies when sharing your passion. We initially thought of chatting for not longer than 20 minutes but got so emerged about the topic and kept discussing 🙂 I hope you will enjoy our chat as much as we did.

Feel free to ask specific questions about C# 9.0 or let us know which topic would be of interest to you, so we can cover it in one of our future chats. Just drop us an email or leave a comment below.

About our guest
Marko Lohert is a Senior software developer at Ekobit d.o.o. a Croatian company, with over 15 years of experience with web and desktop applications using C# and C++. Marko spends his free time teaching children programming, electronics, and robotics as a volunteer. You can connect with him via social media.