Who we are

What if we create something exceptional together? What if we design something new, something unprecedented? What if? We not only ask questions, we look for answers. Along with our customers and partners we travel new paths. We curiously recognize exciting perspectives and encourage thought experiments. While doing so, trust and curiosity are the cornerstones of our work and the key to our success.

Where others only see a threat, Guid.New sees a world full of opportunities: Artificial intelligence, blockchain, bots and digitization – just to name a few examples from a whole range of technological topics that will determine our future lives. As a young and agile company, Guid.New is one of those inspirators and innovators who don’t passively wait for an uncertain future, they want to actively shape it.

Our world is binary. Laypersons can’t cope with the complexity anymore; they are transformed from knowledgeable to being users – and not even involuntarily. Few have an eye for the invisible behind it, which controls every aspect of our everyday life. Even fewer are architects of this new reality.

What drives us

WHY?! Three small letters, but one big question that forms the basis for everything we do!
Creating something new together, developing software, is a creative, almost artful act for us. From the spark of an idea to software that solves problems in a sustainable way. That is what drives and connects us. Our goal is to simplify life, because more software that makes work fun belongs in this world - because fundamentally more joy in work belongs in this world!

We want software to live, not only run - to be loved, not only needed. Custom-made with heart and mind.


How we work together

We seek dialog deliberately. Openness, honesty and trust are our core values.

We are curious. Nevertheless, before crossing roads we look left and right (and left again). Because we know: Opportunities must not only be recognized, but also introduced with care and caution into existing processes and products. To manage risks smart, we rely on lean management principles.

The changing world of work demands new models of collaboration. Agile structures prove their worth on a daily basis. Our team collaborates efficient, flexible and on a high degree of selfmanagement.


Together we build a shared perspective and define goals.


We evaluate requirements and come up with innovative solutions.


We are all on the same page? Great! Agile development can start.


We put the focus on people, every employee is supported so they can realize their full potential, and use cutting-edge technology to build impactful software for enterprise customers.


Our Team

  • Stefan Schnuderl Guid.New GmbH Softwareentwicklung Graz
    Stefan Schnuderl


  • Bernd Hirschmann Co-Founder Guid.New GmbH Softwareentwicklung Graz
    Bernd Hirschmann


  • Harald Schaffernak Co-Founder Guid.New GmbH Softwareentwicklung Graz
    Harald Schaffernak


  • Hannes Hasenauer Co-Founder Guid.New GmbH Softwareentwicklung Graz
    Hannes Hasenauer


  • Claudia Schlacher Operations & HR Manager und Recruiting Guid.New GmbH Softwareentwicklung Graz
    Claudia Schlacher

    HR & Operations Management

  • Stephan Schreiber Senior Software Guid.New GmbH Softwareentwicklung Graz
    Stephan Schreiber

    Senior Developer

  • Sandra Niederl Guid.New GmbH Mitarbeiterin Marketing Softwareentwicklung Graz
    Sandra Niederl

    Marketing Manager

  • Michael Wind Senior Software Developer Guid.New GmbH Softwareentwicklung Graz
    Michael Wind

    Lead Developer

  • Mirzodaler Ataev Senior Software Developer Guid.New GmbH Softwareentwicklung Graz
    Mirzodaler Ataev

    Senior Developer

  • Patrick Schadler Senior Developer, Guid.New GmbH Raaba, Softwareentwicklung, .NET, Angular
    Patrick Schadler

    Lead Developer

  • Igor Roncevic Senior Consultant Guid.New GmbH Softwareentwicklung Graz
    Igor Rončević

    Senior Consultant