What we do

We develop and optimize your individual software product, we digitalize your business processes. 

Product development - We scale and digitalize your business processes with regard to the entire software lifecycle. As your partner, we support you in the planning, the design, the implementation and the operation of your software solution.  

Reengineering - Our experts analyze and optimize your solution. At the same time we make sure that your current investments are maintained through data migration and user training.  

Maintenance & Support - We enable your organization for a successful operation, maintenance and support of the software.

How we work

Our work is based on the principles of DevOps, Scrum and the manifesto for agile software development. Constant feedback loops enable us to retain flexibility and optimize products. In terms of technology we specialize on Angular, ASP.NET Core, .NET MAUI, Blazor, Xamarin and Microsoft Azure.

The Guid.New Process

  • Kickoff

    We optimize collaboration at all levels; starting with a critical look at the requirements in project preparation.

  • Planing

    Project commitments and requirements are reviewed. Project plan and milestones gets prepared.

  • Concept

    In our requirements workshops we ensure that all are on the same page. Based on that we work on requirements documents and project plan.

  • Development

    We implement your custom software for long term sustainability.

  • Quality

    Our customers can count on long-term support. We ensure that our solutions keep what they promise.

Technology - Stack

Azure Guid.New Gmbh Technologie Stack
Angular Guid.New Gmbh Technologie Stack
NET Guid.New Gmbh Technologie Stack
Xamarin Guid.New Gmbh Technologie Stack
CSharp Guid.New Gmbh Technologie Stack
Blazor Guid.New Gmbh Technologie Stack
TS Guid.New Gmbh Technologie Stack

what if ( )

What if we create something exceptional together?

What if we design something new, something unprecedented? What if?

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