On March 31st our Meetup group, Microsoft Developer User Group Graz, did its first online streaming ever. We decided to turn the restriction caused by COVID-19 into an opportunity and organized together with the Microsoft Developer User Group Rijeka a joint online event. Streaming for the first time meant learning about streaming platforms and technologies. In this, we got great help from Rainer Stropek and Christian Schwendtner​ who shared their experiences with us. After looking at various options we opted for YouTube as the streaming platform and Streamlabs as the encoder. Both turned out to be perfect choices. The initial OMG-how-we-are-going-to-do-this feeling was soon replaced with the joy of learning and trying out something new.

The streaming went perfectly well. We got several questions afterward on how we did it technically. For all of you interested in online streaming, I plan to write a blog post that describes in detail how to set up a live streaming session with YouTube and Streamlabs. So stay tuned 😉

The talk was given by myself and you can watch it below or on our YouTube channel. The talk covers the following Entity Framework Core topics:

- AsNoTracking(): 0:03:45

- Keyless Entity Types: 0:16:10

- Defining Queries: 0:26:04

- Value Conversions: 0:30:36

- Query Tags: 0:44:41

- Entity Constructors: 1:02:10

- Backing Fields: 1:12:52

The presentation is available for viewing and download on SlideShare and Speaker Deck.

The complete sample source code used in the talk is available on GitHub.

Driven by the positive experience and the feedback we got, we have decided to stream all of our upcoming Meetups and we are looking forward to it.

Last but not least, a big thanks to everyone who provided their feedback and support, and everyone who virtually attended the Meetup! 🙂