A job change also brings many questions - we have answers for you!


What does the name Guid.New stand for and how is it pronounced?

The structure of the Guid.New logo refers to the binary code: the letters are derived from the two basic shapes circle and bar or the digits 0 and 1. The name of Guid.New represents a similar idea: the command from the Microsoft .NET Framework requests a new GUID (globally unique identifier) and is indicative of the company's desire to constantly create new things and to reinvent itself. The company name is pronounced like this:| guid njuː

Where is Guid.New's office located?

At the beginning of 2022, we moved into our new location in the heart of Raaba - a small but nice place in the south of Graz.
The key facts about our office:

Address: Johann-Kamp-Platz 1, 8074 Raaba-Grambach.

Parking: Free parking is available directly in front of the office.

Access: Motorway and train station in the immediate vicinity, bus stop directly in front of the building, detailed access information can be found here.

Infrastructure: Restaurants, grocery stores, post office, pharmacy etc. near the office building.

When was Guid.New founded and who are the people behind it?

Guid.New GmbH was founded in Graz at the end of 2016 out of a start-up project. After years of experience in software development, the five founders Bernd Hirschmann, Harald Schaffernak, Jakob Hohenberger, Hannes Hasenauer, and Stefan Schnuderl had a bigger vision and founded their own company where WE is capitalized. In the following videos, you will get to know the company founders better and learn about their personal WHY and why Guid.New exists.


How can I apply to Guid.New?

It's easy: Apply directly online via our application form and upload your documents or send a message to jobs@guidnew.com.

What documents and papers do I need for my application?

Please send us an up-to-date CV and a short cover letter explaining why you are the right person for this job. Or surprise us with something creative or unusual (a video, code, project description or whatever), we love to see more from you.

What is the application procedure at Guid.New?

After we have given you a positive response to your application, we will (ideally) invite you to three meetings in our office to get to know each other. The first meeting will take place via video conference, further interviews and a possible trial work will take place in our office. You can find more details about our process here.

How quickly will I receive feedback on my application?

A speedy and appreciative application process is crucial to us - that's why you can expect an initial response to your application very soon, usually on the next working day. This message will also tell you when we will contact you at the latest to clarify whether your profile fits the advertised position.

I can't find a suitable job offer in the advertisements, can I apply on my own?

We look forward to hearing from you - clearly describe in your application what kind of work you are looking for or how you imagine your area of responsibility with us. Convince us why you and your skills are an indispensable added value for the Guid.New team.

I am interested in several positions, am I allowed to apply for several vacancies at once?

Yes, for sure - just let us know which positions you are interested in.

How do I know whether a job advertised is still available?

Our vacancies are constantly updated so that only available positions are online.

How can I find out more about the start date of the job?

Unless otherwise stated in the job description, these are usually positions to be filled as soon as possible and at the earliest opportunity.

Who can I contact if I have questions about a vacancy or my application?

Harald is happy to answer your questions about HR and recruiting at harald@guidnew.com or jobs@guidnew.com.

Who has access to my data and how long is it stored?

Of course, your personal data will be treated confidentially. Only employees of our HR department and those responsible for the respective department have access to your data. Data is stored in accordance with the applicable guidelines and lasts for 7 months after the application process has been completed.

Can I reapply to Guid.New after a rejection?

Of course and very much so - just because we have decided on someone else for a particular position does not mean you are unsuitable for our company. On the contrary, you may well be the perfect candidate for the job at a later date.


Is there a core working time?

Although there are official core working hours (Monday - Thursday 10:00 to 14:00 and Friday 10:00 to 13:00) and a flexitime framework (07:00 to 22:00), we are very flexible and can adapt well to the respective (life) circumstances of the employee - you can always talk about anything anyway, as long as the work and the teammates do not suffer 😉.

Which languages are used in the daily work at Guid.New?

With us, you can put your German and English skills to good use. As we also have colleagues and clients outside of Austria, English is the working language for some projects.

What technologies does Guid.New work with?

Technologically, we are specialised in Angular, ASP.NET Core, Blazor, WPF, Xamarin, and Microsoft Azure. We use C# and TypeScript as programming languages.

Does Guid.New offer home office and hybrid working?

Personal responsibility and an independent way of working are essential to us. Therefore, you can decide for yourself from where you do your tasks. However, we are always happy to see you in the office and, for example, to have lunch together.

Does Guid.New also offer freelance positions or only permanent positions?

For employees in Austria, we only offer permanent positions with all the associated benefits 🙂.

Does Guid.New also offer internships or holiday jobs?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any internships or holiday jobs at the moment.

What benefits does Guid.New offer its employees?

We value self-determined work and give you the greatest possible freedom in completing your tasks. We make it easy for you to balance your professional and private life, because flexible scheduling is standard for us. Since personal responsibility and independent work are very important to us, you can decide for yourself from where you complete your tasks, be it in the office or at home.

In addition, the following benefits await you:

Workation: You want to explore the world and keep the security of your permanent position? With Guid.New flexibility doesn’t stop at the national border.

Homeoffice: Personal responsibility and an independent way of working are very important to us. So, you are free to decide whether you work from home or in the office.

Working Equipment: Choose your equipment – ​​you know best what laptop, screen, desk, and mobile phone you want to work with.

Ticket for public transport: To ensure that you get to the office safely and in an environmentally friendly manner, we will give you an annual ticket for public transport in Graz, zone 101, which you can of course also use privately.

Meal vouchers: It's hard to work on an empty stomach. To save you from starving we offer monthly meal vouchers, which can be redeemed at local restaurants.

Professional development: We are aware that the know-how of our employees is the heart of our products. That is why we offer every employee the opportunity for further training.

Onboarding: We're not throwing you in the deep end. For a successful start in your new job, all structures and processes in the company will be explained to you in detail during our onboarding process.

Dogs are welcome: Office dogs are known for their positive impact on a better working atmosphere. That is why well-behaved four-legged friends are very welcome at our office.

When is Guid.New not the right company and the right employer for me?

Since we place a lot of value on personal responsibility, independent work and the greatest possible freedom for our employees, a rigid, directive, and structured daily routine is a foreign word for us. However, if you prefer this way of working and do not like to work independently, it could be that the philosophy of Guid.New does not suit you. However, we always have an open ear for all concerns and are open to many possibilities of working life.