I am very pleased to present you the second episode of Guid.New Fireside Chats DEV-Edition. This time I had a chat with Kenny Pflug, a passionate software developer specialized in C# and .NET with a sweet spot for .NET performance. We had Kenny several months ago as a speaker on our Meetup organized by the MS Developer User Group Graz where he talked about Design Principles vs. Performance.

In our fireside chat, we addressed the subject of design principles and performance from a slightly different perspective. In addition to the well-known SOLID principles, Kenny brought some new principles. The principels are backed by the experience he gained over the years working in software development. Within the next 20 minutes, you will learn how e.g. LTI (Learn the Internals), RPB (Respect the Process Boundary), and RTH (Resist the Hype) can help you become a better programmer.

You as a developer need to know how the frameworks, programming language, or libraries you deal with work internally so that you can program for them – not against them. It is just as easy as that - know the internals of all the stuff that you are using!

Kenny Pflug - Senior Software Developer

Feel free to ask specific questions about the current fireside chat or let us know which topic would be of interest to you, so we can cover it in one of our future chats. Just drop us an email or leave a comment below.

About our guest

Kenny Pflug is a Senior Software Developer at Synnotech and has studied computer science at OTH Regensburg. In addition to his daily work, he is researching at the University of Regensburg in the course of his doctoral thesis on the deserialization of complex object graphs, without the need for DTOs for the process. He is the organizer of the Microsoft Developer Meetup Regensburg and author of the Open Source Library Light.GuardClauses.